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Spring cleaning for your home, car and even your office often finds itself on a to-do list or two this time of year, but have you cleaned up your data lately?

With the impending launch of Matrix this summer, it’s an opportune time to update a few things, like:

• Contacts

• Saved searches that are not useful to you anymore

• Your photo

• Your email address and/or Web page address

Your saved searches and contacts from MLXchange/Fusion will carry over to Matrix — so start fresh!

Need some refreshers? Click on the buttons for how-to reminders.

And don’t forget to back up the contacts you want to keep by exporting your data!

Did you recently change your email address and/or Web page address? Have you notified your Association and made a checklist of items that will need to be updated (business cards, Web pages, template for marketing materials, etc.)

Happy cleaning!

Always keep up-to-date on the latest MFR news, connect with us on 


We had a great response for lunch and had to conduct random drawings for two of the locations. If you entered the drawing, please see the list below to see if you have won lunch courtesy of Corelogic.

We will also send all winners an email notification (check spam if you don't see the notification and your name is on the list).

Congratulations and see you at REcharge!



St. Pete
Bobby Abraham
Patricia Baker
Allyson Agner
Jorge Aguila
Deborah Bell
Linda Aiken
Maria Arbona
Fred Boland
Lilly Akvan
Janine Arrowsmith
Faye Butler-Jones
Victoria Boss
Philip Becker
Susan Carroll
Karen Bucks
Lani Berry
Tina Ciaccio
Margie Carson
Carolyn Bird
Paul Clark
Irina Castillo
Ronni Caggiano
Claudette Cobb
Tom Cato
Sally Cinquanti
Carolyn Collins
Ron Chorny
Emilia Cooper
Margaret Comminos
Tony Collings
Josemy Costa
Ronald Cress
Teresa Connors
Jon Cudia
David Cruse
Dena Conway
Louis Diaz
Carolyn Dean
Norma Coppley
Jim Djahandari
Ronnie Dewitt
Lisa Cox Shepherd
Heather Fatz
Cindy Esselburn
Jan Dean
Yolanda Figueroa
Thomas Fastiggi
Glenda Devane
Susan Filebark
Jan Fleming
Robin Dodson
Keith Finnerty
Denice Fougere Salzenstein
Rossana Dolan
Lisa Finnerty
Margo Goida
Mike Dumas
Scott Garrison
Jeanie Goldmann
Gioconda Earl
Dawn Giachetti
Bob Grant
Shelley Farmer
Rizza Gloriani
Robert Head
Courtney Frank
Katherine Gonzalez
Barbara Ann Hutcheson
Rachel Friesema
Karen Gore
Jayne Irene
Madeline Green
Tom Grizzard
Ed Kehn
Michelle Grizzell
Sharon Hammerberg
Geri Kenyon
Mike Grizzell
Mister Harvin
Laura Kopple
Joan Hazelgrove
Ron Hedden
Dwight McDonald
Beth Hibben
Lori Humbarger
Diane McGinnis
Gail Hoffmann
Robin Jarrett
Vicky McPhee
Steliyan Ivanov
Christina Jasso
Bill Mergens
Walter Kaminski
Omar Jones
Gina Miles
Curt Lockhart
Pam Kelly
Maia Morrison
Melody Meoni
Larry King
Myrna Nelson
William O'Donnell
Peter Lopez
Donald Nolt
James ONeill
Diana Mahadeo
Alice Ohme
Mary Pent
Maria Minarro
Joyce Pelham
Todd Pillars
Linda Newman
Claude Pierre
Tricia Priest
Tammy Nichols
Cheryl Polito
Longina Przyborowski
Jose Paradas
Cheryl Roberts
Enrique Ramirez
Phil Peachey
Adam Robinson
Linda Ruffini
Diane Reis
Don Schroder
Laura Salzsieder
Yolon Riveiro
Tom Sheppard
Albert Shamro
Rigo Rodriguez
Vickie Smalls
Marci Short
Denise Rogers
Colleen Stone
Marina Slater
Cindy Rosenbloom
Jim Sweat
Maryann Spearman
Janet Sangalang
Roberta Tengerdy
Marbella Stober
Janet Scott
Natalie Tilton
Joan Terrell
Deedee Sherman
Tama Traberman
Len Terrell
Tara Smith
Bruce Tschetter
Jewel Vincent
Josue Soto
Lucy Uecker
Mary Ann Warmouth
Pam Stockman
Sharon Villars
Demetrius Washington
Alain Tang
Debbie Vogler
Tara Webster
Colleen Taylor
Rick Waid
Natalie Wetherington
Dee Toohey
Lauren Ward
Randy Wilson
Belinda Vargas-Cruz, PA Luther Wilkins
Jim Wilson
Christine Wallace
Kim Young

Marceile Walsh
Robert Lennard

Wanda Warmus
Michael Grant

Maxine Williams Allen Joshua Morris

MFRMLS Member Update, Regarding iMapp
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Dear Member,

While we cannot control the communications coming your way from iMapp, however inflammatory or incorrect, we regret that your time is being wasted unnecessarily. MFRMLS has no intention of disrupting your ability to do business or your access to public/tax records, despite the pending litigation with iMapp. As noted previously, MFR has paid iMapp through 8/30/14 for its services and has attempted, without success, to engage in direct and amicable discussions with iMapp. That said, with iMapp's decision to pursue the pending litigation and its recent public communications and actions, we cannot predict or control the direction of this relationship in the future.

In matters we can control, we fully intend to focus our efforts on providing you with the services you expect. We encourage all members to take a look at the Realist system as time allows. For more information, click here: Realist will be fully integrated into the Matrix platform, launching later this month.

On April 10th, MFR filed its response to the iMapp suit including appropriate denials of iMapp's claims and defenses. In addition MFR has filed counterclaims against iMapp including claims for breach of contract and defamation. As you all know, there are 2 sides to this story. If you are interested in that information, click here.

Please know that it is not the intention of MFRMLS to allow this issue to interfere with your day/day business or with ours. On the advice of legal counsel, MFRMLS will not respond to each and every member inquiry into the lawsuit or the situation at hand. Please know that after this email and post from MFRMLS, we will limit our further comment and we absolutely will not engage in any public debate or discussion of the lawsuit. Everything is in the capable hands of our legal counsel. For MFR, it's back to business -- focusing on the launch of Matrix and Realist, our upcoming REcharge event and our primary goal of providing each of you with outstanding service.


Merri Jo Cowen
My Florida Regional MLS

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