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Brokers: Zillow Group Dashboard on Login Portal

Beginning March 25, 2015 brokers (listed as broker-of-record for their office) can opt in or out of syndication with the Zillow Group, using the Zillow Dashboard button, which is accessible from the MFR Login Portal.

Brokers-of-record with a valid email address on file with MFR should have received a detailed email on March 25 regarding this change and their options. If you are listed as a broker-of-record, but did not receive any communication email about your Zillow Group opt-in/out options, please review the information below.

I am a broker-of-record and I want to …
• Opt in to syndication with the Zillow Group  - click here.

• Syndicate some of my offices but not others

From the Zillow Dashboard button (on the Login Portal), go to the “Feed Control” tab, then to “Change Settings for Individual Offices and Agents” and select “YES” to control the feed at the office level.

• Opt out of syndication with the Zillow Group

At any point if you NO LONGER want to syndicate your listings to the Zillow Group you can opt out through the Zillow Dashboard on the Login Portal by selecting “NO” via the “Feed Control” tab or email to request assistance.

• Setup my profile on – click here. This is especially important if you are opted in to the Zillow Group feed.

• Additional helpful resources about syndication can be found at

Need help? Contact the MFR Call Center at 800.686.7451 or email

Custom Auto Email Messaging & Other Updates — Coming Thursday, April 2

The latest version of Matrix will be installed on Thursday, April 2.

(Please note: There will be a small window of Matrix downtime from 12 a.m.–2 a.m. on April 2.)

Here are the additional functionalities that will be added to the system:

Custom Auto Email Messages

For new/welcome Auto Emails, you will be able to include your own messaging to new customers — instead of using the current default messaging.

For recurring and update Auto Emails, you will be able to include your own messaging — instead of having to use the current default messaging.


Auto Email Definitions:
• The “Welcome Email” message will be sent with the first Auto Email to a respective customer.
• The “Recurring Email” message will be sent with all subsequent Auto Emails to that customer.
• The “Update Email” message will be sent when search criteria for the Auto Email is changed. The update email template will be visible for editing once the search criteria is changed. The message will be sent with all subsequent changes to the criteria for the Auto Email.

Enhanced Print Functionality

If you tend to print the same listing reports, then you will see a list of your most recent, printed reports. This will help reduce scrolling to find reports that you typically print.

Larger Image Viewer

The image viewer is being updated to optimize how photos are presented. For instance, instead of stretching photos to fit the frame (which blurs the photos), the viewer will now add the necessary padding to display the photo at its optimum size. The image viewer will now display larger photos up to 1024 pixels wide by 768 pixels high.

Tip: It’s always recommended that you upload higher-quality, larger images, when possible.

Customer Portal Greeting Salutation

You will be able to customize the Customer Portal Greeting Salutation (“Hi John,”) within the “Personal Information” section of a particular contact. This will allow you to tailor your portal greetings to your customers.


Price Analysis Report

You can use this report to analyze listings within a specific area. This report shows the price range, including how many listings are in various ranges.

Features of this report include:

• High
• Low
• Median
• Average

We will post a message on April 2 once all updates have been added to Matrix.


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