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BooksMy Florida Regional MLS offers a host of training classes designed to help you get the most out of your MFRMLS subscription. We have expert trainers that travel regularly to your local association headquarters.

The following courses are taught by My Florida Regional MLS's training staff.


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MLS Basic (3 hours)
This course gives new MFRMLS participants and subscribers a basic overview of MFR products and services, along with a general tour of how the various functions of Matrix will benefit them in their real estate business.  Navigation and basic functionality such as searching, utilizing map tools, reading a broker synopsis, adding and managing contacts, saving searches and  setting up auto emails will be covered.

MLS Compliance 101 (1.5 hours)
In this class you will learn about the My Florida Regional MLS Rules and Regulations and the compliance procedure for accuracy of Listing Data, along with additional educational materials available on

MLS Adding & Editing Listings (1.5 hours)

This class offers a comprehensive overview of the process to properly add a listing to the MLS and walks through each part of the add/edit tab in Matrix.  The class also covers how to edit listings, change the status on listings, and add photos, attachments, and open house information.

Advanced Matrix (2 hours)
Are you ready to take MATRIX to the next level?  In this course you will learn advanced techniques in utilizing the Matrix MLS system, including: • Customizing your search criteria and using WILD CARDS • How to use the SPEED BAR and create shortcuts • Creating custom results displays • REFINING your search results • MULTI LEVEL SORTING • EXPORTING results from Matrix • Utilizing CARTS • Setting up auto emails and CONCIERGE • How to Disable Auto Emails or change the customer’s criteria or settings at any time • Setting up the MARKET WATCH and HOT SHEETS • AND MORE!!!!

Automating Your Contacts in Matrix (1.5 hour)
This class provides a comprehensive overview on how to set up and manage auto emails in Matrix, how to utilize concierge mode, how the customer portal works, and how agents can track portal activity.

Branding in Matrix (1.5 hours)
This course will take you through a HANDS-ON SETUP for your branding in Matrix.  Bring your laptops or tablets!  This course will go over setting up your contact information so your customer sees it in the way YOU wish them to.  This course will also cover the following:  Customizing a banner, setting up your mobile header, setting up your default CMA Cover Sheet, your portal information, and your email signature.  This course will also give a quick rundown of enabling your MFRMLS provided Agent Web Page and custom branded link for the website.

Customer and Broker Reports (1.5 hours)
Matrix offers a wide variety of report displays.  Additionally, there are multiple links on the top of property reports offering agents valuable information from products such as Realist, Data Coop, Down Payment Resource, etc.  This class will help agents gain familiarity with the various reports available to them along with all of the information that is linked to listing reports in Matrix.

CMA Tools (3 hours)

This class reviews all of the MFR products and services that can be useful to agents when searching for comparable properties or compiling CMAs.  Topics include CMA options in Matrix, Cloud CMA, Realist, IMapp, and Data Coop, along with the Market Conditions Report.  This class focuses on CMA products, not CMA techniques.   

IMapp (1.5 hours)
This class provides a comprehensive overview of the IMapp tax system.  Through IMapp, agents can find a wide variety of information (including tax information, permits, characteristics, comps reports, market data, and neighborhood demographic information) on any property in the state. Agents can also run a search for properties based on a variety of fields from tax data, MLS data or foreclosure data.  IMapp then allows agents to quickly generate mailing labels based on their search results.

Listing Tools (1.5 hours)

This class reviews key features of adding listings to Matrix, and then delves into more advanced techniques to market a listing.  Topics include adding open houses to Matrix, reverse prospecting, ShowingTime, virtual tour products such as RealBiz Media and Property Panorama, and using Realist or IMapp to generate mailing labels to market a listing.  

Matrix Tips & Tricks FAQ (1.5 hours)

This class gives agents an opportunity to bring their Matrix questions!  The class serves as an open forum where agents can ask questions on the areas of Matrix they would like further explore.  Potential topics include Market Watch/Hot Sheets, customizing search forms, customizing the results grid, customizing exports, utilizing advanced search techniques, linking to additional MFR products and services, and using the agent page.  

Mobile Agent (1.5 hours)

The real estate profession is becoming increasingly mobile, and it is becoming critical for agents to be able to conduct business from any device.  This class reviews the mobile tools that My Florida Regional MLS offers its members.  This class will explore all of the functions of the MyMLS App.  The class will also show how to use the Showing Time mobile app and the DocBox feature of Transaction Desk.    

Realist (1.5 hours)

This class provides a comprehensive overview of the Realist tax system.  The first half of the class covers the various reports available on a particular property.  The second half of the class is devoted to searching in Realist.  Topics include the various search forms available, customizing search forms, specifying criteria and generating mailing labels, looking up distressed properties in a given area, and utilizing the various map tools.

Searching in Matrix (1.5 hours)

This course provides a detailed overview of how to conduct searches in Matrix.  Topics include using the speed bar to conduct quick and simple searches along with using various search forms.  The residential search forms are explained in detail, in addition to adding criteria to the forms.  Map-based searches are also covered in depth, along with an overview of the various actions that can be performed with search results.

Stats in Matrix (1.5 hours)

While the word Statistics can invoke fear and bad memories of past math classes, MyFlorida Regional MLS gives members easy access to a wide variety of market statistics.  This class removes anxiety about statistics, and shows members how to set up custom exports, use statistical presets through Matrix, generate customized statistical reports in Matrix, and navigate the rbi Stats IQ product.

Transaction Desk (2 hours)

Transaction Desk is powerful tool for agents to manage forms, documents, and files.  Through Transaction Desk, agents can populate a wide variety of forms and contracts, create transaction templates, store documents, and track tasks for any transaction.  Through Authentisign, agents can collect electronic signatures on forms and contracts through email.   This class will go over the various functions of Transaction Desk and Authentisign and show agents how they can use these tools to maximize their business and eliminate the need for paper files.

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