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BooksMy Florida Regional MLS offers a host of training classes designed to help you get the most out of your MFRMLS subscription. We have expert trainers that travel regularly to your local association headquarters.

The following courses are taught by My Florida Regional MLS's training staff.


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Transition to Matrix - 2 hours

This lecture course is for MFRMLS participants and subscribers using MLXchange and Fusion to learn about the new Matrix system, background, what is has to offer and how it will benefit them in their real estate business.  Navigation and basic functionality such as searching, adding contacts, auto-notifications, Hotsheets, email/printing, and CMAs will be covered.

Personalizing My Matrix Lab - 1 hour

You will set up how your contact information is displayed within the different sections of Matrix including verifying your contact information, email signature, header and footer display on reports, and CMA cover sheet.  You will also learn how to set up your Portal Greeting, manage the information and order of the agent information on the Portal Welcome page (information the customer will see), set up your Agent Web Page, and configure your custom grid displays.  Customization of Hot Sheets and the Market Watch widget will also be included in this lab.

Searching in Matrix Lab - 1.5 hours

You will learn how to perform Quick, Detailed, and Speed Bar searches in Matrix.  The Quick Search gives you basic default fields within each listing type.  Detailed offers more options and allows you to add additional search fields.  The Speed Bar uses specific key words and abbreviations to search for listings, open houses, agents, and offices in a single search field.  You will also learn how to search by map and print and email search results.

Managing My Matrix Lab - 1 hour

You will learn about accessing and adding contacts, how to manage your contacts in Matrix, and understand the Contact display.  You will also learn where to find your saved searches from MLXchange/Fusion and how to update your saved searches.

Matrix Auto-Emails & Concierge Lab - 1.5 hours

You will learn how to send a search to a contact by either using auto-notification email directly to the contact or Concierge Mode, which allows you to preview and approve properties before they are sent to your contact.  You will also learn where to find and manage all of the emails you send from Matrix.

Matrix Add & Edit Lab - 1 hour

You will learn the basic differences in where to find the fields and information needed to enter or update your listings, uploading photos, attaching documents, and where to find the products related to your listing, such as data entry forms, virtual tour information, Showing Time, etc.  This lab does not replace the required Add & Edit Listings class for those adding and editing their own listings.

Matrix Quick & Simple CMA Lab - 1 hour no CE credit

Learn how to run a Quick CMA (one-line comparative market analysis) in Matrix as well as a brief overview of the full CMA feature in Matrix.

Realist - 2 hours

Your MLS Tax Tool

Let our expert trainers show you how Realist can strengthen your position as:

The trusted source for accurate real estate information in your area with features like side-by-side comparisons between MLS and public records data.

The insider-marketing expert with the latest and most precise information on real estate trends.

The savvy professional with in-depth and visual custom reports, listing kits and more, all created quickly and delivered to your customers via email.

The strategic professional — use a variety of map tools to target farm areas with the best potential ROI.

Training includes:

  • Realist overview
  • How to access Realist from Matrix
  • A test drive of the interface, learn your way around Realist
  • How to effectively search Realist for your desired results
  • Understand the different benefits of the “My Search” and “Quick Search” functions
  • How to generate marketing mailing labels
  • Reports — what can you create and how to do it
  • The logistics — printing, emailing, saving, exporting, setting up your information
  • Farming — get the most ROI with strategic research
  • Map tools — learn how to use the many map functions smartly based on your preferences and goals

MLS Basic - 3 hours

This is a mandatory class for all new members to be completed within 60 days of joining.

This class will teach both new and returning agents the basic functionality within the MLS system, including search, printing and emailing. You will also learn about additional resources and member benefits provided by My Florida Regional MLS, and more. The class is also available online at: or you may attend the class at any Association/Board.

• Searching and viewing listings, using the map, showing road, aerial, hybrid, and locator features
• Adding additional search criteria
• Viewing/printing/emailing reports, images, virtual tours, tax, map, driving directions and MLS listing history
• Personalize user contact information and basic agent website setup

MLS Compliance 101 - 1.5 hours

This is a mandatory class for all new members to be completed within 60 days of joining. Existing members must complete the class every two year period, current period May 1, 2012 – June 30, 2014.

In this class you will learn about the My Florida Regional MLS Rules and Regulations and compliance procedures for accurately of listing properties in the MLS Database, along with additional educational materials available on

• Rules and Regulations
• Profile Sheet Terms
• iSmart Tool

MLS Adding & Modifying Listings - 1.5 hours

This class is mandatory if you will be adding and modifying listings in the MLS. (but all agents are welcome to attend!)

You will be taught how to input and modify listings, enter photos, and add attachments along with valuable tips and techniques. This class is available through live webinars or you may attend at any Association/Board.

• Profile Sheets
• Adding listings information to MLS
• Adding Photos, attachments and open houses
• ShowingTime and Virtual Tours

Hotsheets - 1 hour

This class will teach you how to utilize the Hotsheets in the MLS, including setting up your Hotsheet gadget on the home page, creating days back and custom hotsheets and more.

• Days Back Hotsheets
• Personal Hotsheets
• Date Range Hotsheets
• Custom Hotsheets

Advanced Map Based Searches - 45mins

This class will teach you how to utilize the map in your MLS software, creating map based searches, searching by map for CMA’s and printing maps along with map views.

• Search by Radius, Rectangle or Polygon
• Saving map based searches
• View Listings on a Map
• Utilize the Map locator
• Display Points of Interest
• Driving Directions

Auto-notification Searches / Prospecting - 1.5 hours

This class will teach you how to automatically notify your prospects of newly matching and updated properties based off of their specific criteria. We will also teach you how to manage those searches and communicate with your prospects through the Personalized Website.

• Contact Website Agent View
• Contact Website Customer View
• Link Contacts to Listings
• Saved Search Manager
     i.   Deleting Searches
     ii.  Re-activating Searches
     iii. Changing expiration dates
• Contact Manager
     i.   Searches
     ii.  Saved Listings
     iii. Contact Webpage (Gateway)
     iv. Recent Website Activity Gadget

Contact Manager - 1.5 hours

This class will teach you how to use the MLS as a Contact Management system. We teach you how to add contacts, edit and manage contact info, importing and exporting of contact information, how to synch with Outlook and much more...

• Add/Edit/Delete
• Merging Contact Records
• Status Change
• Importing and Exporting
• Outlook Synchronization
• Searching Contacts
• Creating Mailing Labels
• List tool
• Scheduling Task & Appointments
• Email & Email Templates

Scheduling & Task Management - 1.5 hours

This class will teach you how to use your MLS software to manage your time. Learn how to create Tasks and activity plans, set up appointments and communicate with your Customers.

• Activity Plans
• Tasks
• Messages
• Appointments
• Home page gadget
• Customer Gateway/Agent Web Page – schedule & tasks
• Where does my list of contacts go?

Creating a Professional CMA - 3 hours *3CE credits

This class is designed to teach you the skills needed to create a comprehensive CMA. You will learn how to import properties that are listed outside of the MLS, into your CMA along with valuable tips and techniques for creating a professional CMA.

• Create a new seller or buyer CMA
• Importing subject property from MLS or tax search and entering additional information about the subject property
• Adding MLS and tax Comparables
• Adjustments, pricing, net sheet, selecting pages, and viewing report
• Edit and remove reports
• Emailing, saving, and printing CMA
• Customizing a personal CMA and setting it as the default

Website Management & Customization - 2 hours

This class will cover the advanced features and customization of your Agent Website. Add unique content and hyperlinks, set up a re-direct for a custom URL and more…

• Pages
• Site Settings
   a. Domain
   b. Contact View
   c. Site Rules
   d. Team Settings
• Lead Capture – where do leads appear
• Website Activity Gadget
• Consumer view of AWP
    a. Setting up user Login
    b. Contact Me
• Custom Link for
• Website Banner Images

Custom Reports - 2 hours

This course is designed to give you the ability to personalize your own reports within the MLS. You will learn the necessary skills to create and customize reports that help you succeed in your business.

• Report Manager - add, modify and copy reports using report editor
• Copy, save and customize a report, adding or removing fields, changing font style and color
• Selecting multiple fields for customizing font, moving or deleting fields
• Adding photos, map, date, time or additional fields
• Possible reports include: Broker's Synopsis, Customer Synopsis, Flyers, CMA Reports and more

Searching Made Simple - 2 hours

This course will teach you how to use the MLS to set up searches, customize your criteria, add and remove fields to efficiently search the MLS. You will also learn to navigate the search results, create custom grids and more.

• Search – criteria, customizing and saving
• Map Based searching - including setting default location and Points of Interest
• Results – all features
    i.     Grids
    ii.    Multi views-Gallery, photo, map
    iii.   Print & Email
• Customization- You will also learn how to customize and save personalized grids, email templates and personalizing search criteria for the individual agent.

Member Benefit: Listing Tools - 1.5 hours

This class will introduce you to Member Benefits that will provide you with valuable tools for your listings in MLS.

• RealBiz 360- Virtual Tours
• Property Panorama
• ShowingTime
• Data-Coop
• RE Technology

Member Benefits: Agent Marketing Tools - 1.5 hours

This class will introduce you to Member Benefits that will provide you with valuable tools for your marketing.

• MyMLSApp;
• Proxio
• Data Co-op
• Rate Plug


TransactionDesk is a transaction management program that allows the Agent to operate in a “paperless” office. Integrated with contract management software, it easily allows the Agent to manage your transaction from start to finish. We provide the following training classes for TransactionDesk:

• Authentisign –  Use of electronic signatures for you contracts – 30 min
• Forms & Documents – Creating and Managing forms and Contracts – 1.5 hrs
• Transactions – Creating a transaction from start to finish – 1.5 hrs
• Quick Start Groups & Activity Plans – Packaging Documents and creating workflows – 1 hr
• Instanet Fax, DocBox, Print Driver – the link to the paperless office through online faxing and document storage. - 45 min

Statistics & Quick CMAs - 1.5 hours

This class will teach you how to utilize marketplace statistics & quick CMAs that are available through the MLS or through member benefit products.

• Data Co-op
• MLS System Stats
• Stats IQ
• Market Conditions
• Quick CMA (previously known as One-line CMA)

The Mobile Agent  - 1 hour

This class will provide you with resources and member benefits that help you become the Agent on the Go!

• DocBox to go
• RBI mobile
• Real Estate apps – flipboard, hootsuite, drop box – and other apps. Apps may vary depending on user’s mobile device.

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