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handThe integrity and accuracy of the MLS database is a primary goal of your peers serving on Board of Directors. Every subscriber should be able to rely on the information entered by their fellow professionals.

Each day, My Florida Regional MLS uses an automated software program to search the MLS data for potential violations of the adopted rules and regulations. In the event of a potential violation, the software, called i-Check, sends out the appropriate warning or fine notice. When a obvious violation is found, a 24-hour warning or notice of the fine is sent depending on the nature of the violation.

In addition, subscribers also can report a possible violation through the MLXchange system. These notifications are manually reviewed by the Administration staff to confirm whether or not a violation has taken place in accordance to our rules and regulations. All subscriber-reported violations are treated as confidential, as we never reveal who reported the violation. Often subscribers will contact the listing agent directly before contacting us. We encourage this practice, but please be courteous when informing a fellow professional of a possible violation. Working as a team, we can ensure the accuracy of your MLS.

Frequently Asked Questions on MFR's Fines and Violations

Reporting a Listing Violation

We have provided an easy way to report listing violations through MLXchange.

In the side menu of the Listing Detail screen in MLXchange, you’ll see an option called "Report Data Error." When clicked, it will send you to our "Report A Violation" screen. The MLS Number and Address will be automatically populated and you'll be prompted to describe the nature of the violation. When you click "Send Error," the violation report will be sent to our MLS Department for Review. If the listing is found to be in violation, we will issue a Warning Letter to the listing agent and the subscriber, and we follow up with appropriate action.

To report a listing violation, click here to login to MLXchange.

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