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Don’t have a scanner?  Need to fax a contract or other document to someone’s email? Instanet Intelligent Fax is a FREE solution for all MFRMLS members

The intelligent coversheet allows users to send paper documents to any email address worldwide via a toll free phone number converting the fax to a PDF email attachment.

Using the Intelligent Fax Coversheet will also allow you to watermark, mark the document as confidential, attach a Fax Back Coversheet and more!

Note: Screenshots below were taken using TransactionDesk Pro. If you are using TransactionDesk Lite, the screenshots may vary slightly; however, the steps are still the same.

Options include:

• Download the coversheet from your TransactionDesk account and save to your local computer, eliminating the need to go online to obtain the coversheet.

• An easy-to-use Wizard

• Functionality that allows sending multiple documents using one coversheet and the email recipient receives multiple PDF email attachments in a single email. Each attachment is named as defined by the sender.

To begin using this Member Benefit:

1.    Log into your TransactionDesk account from within the MLS system.

2.    Click on the InstanetFax option in the toolbar

3.    Choose one of the options to begin:

1. Download to your local hard drive
2. Use the wizard
3. Use the simple option to create a quick coversheet

Option 1: "Download to your hard drive" Step by Step Instructions:

Option 1, Downloading the offline coversheet, is a great option if you don't want to login to TransactionDesk every time you want a coversheet.

  1. Simply click the link that says "here" is the offline coversheet section (outlined in the image above with the Option 1 arrow)
  2. This will generate a pdf of the coversheet that you can now save to your computer for future use.

Option 2: "Using the Wizard" Step by Step Instructions:

  1. To activate the InstanetFax Wizard option, simply click the round circle (outlined in the image above with the Option 2 arrow)
  2. This will generate a pdf coversheet resembling the image below.

3. Click the Round Orange Button and you will be directed to the following screen where you simply follow the prompts to create your Fax to email coversheet.

Option 3: Step by Step Instructions:

  1. To utilize option 3, simply enter the recipient(s) email address, subject, and message then click create coversheet.
  2. You will then see the following screen and will need to click on the "click to open, or right - click and Save Target As to download" in order to open the cover sheet and then print to your local printer.

Additionally, here are the steps for replacing the handwritten blank MongoFax coversheet:

Step 1: Generate an InstanetFax coversheet
Step 2: Send the fax to yourself
Step 3: Once you receive the fax, forward the email to anyone you wish and simply change the subject line to whatever is relevant to the subject.

If you have any questions, please download the user guide here or contact the Call Center at 1-800-686-7451 (option #1).

Click here to watch this brief tutorial video on the InstanetFax Intelligent Coversheet.

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